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How to setup m3u on Smart IPTV

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How to setup m3u on Smart IPTV

Install M3U on Smart IPTV

How to put m3u file on my Smart IPTV app myself? – IPTV Subscription – 

It is highly recommended to learn how to put your playlist in the Smart IPTV app yourself because it is possible to lose your playlist at any time and receive errors from the application during updates, expiration of 7 days test or 48 Hours Trial..etc
To setup your IPTV subscription on your own and learn how to put the link of your m3u_plus file directly on your application without the help of anybody, go on the site of the application: http://siptv.eu/mylist/
and follow the steps as the picture below:

Method 1: Put the Link (Auto Updates) – Recommended
1- Go to this page: siptv.eu/mylist
2-Copy your m3u link (you will find the link on the confirmation email or by accessing your account on the orders side and click on the order number or “see” on the right)