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What is SS IPTV app?

SS-IPTV is multi-purpose IPTV Player, which allows to play & stream video from the internet or in local net directly on your Smart TV

SS IPTV / SS-IPTV App - Best IPTV Subscription Player

Here is the tutorial for the SS-IPTV application:

1- You go into the SSIPTV application settings

2- You click on the GET CODE button

3- You copy the code

4- You go to the website:

5- Paste the code

6- You click on the OPEN button

7- You choose the file that you downloaded by clicking on the M3U link of your subscription

8- You wait for the channel list to be downloaded on the page

9- You click on the SAVE button

10- You restart your Smart TV

11- You enter the SSIPTV application

12- You enter the folder of your IPTV channels



Everything is easy SS iPTV is a program or an application intended for televisions equipped or carrying SMART TV. Although you can also make a USB Flash Drive and put it on TV.

What we are going to do with this program is to be able to watch live channels from all over the world, [from Spain, FRance, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, USA, etc… An alternative to SS IPTV would be the famous OTTPlayer application.