IPTV on MAG Box – Tutorial

MAG IPTV Box Subscription at FOR-IPTV!

The IPTV subscription shows you all the steps on How to set up your subscription on MAG IPTV Box & STB

This tutorial will guide you through a simple and effective installation of your MAG 254, 250, 256 …
Also, for more details, you can always consult our IPTV support or contact us online.
In addition, the IP TV subscription offers many IPTV subscription plans with discounts for your MAG box’s. These support instructions will guide you through activating your Mag Box:

1 – Once the main portal screen is displayed, click on “settings”.
2 – Then select and enter ‘System Settings’.
3 – Click on ‘Servers’.
4 – Choose and press the ‘Portals’ option.

5 – In the line ‘Portal 1 Name’ enter FOR IPTV and in the URL enter the URL that you received after your order at https://www.foriptv.com. Therefore, to activate our IPTV subscription on your MAG box, you must send us with your MAG MAC address on the label behind the box, the activation is done entirely remotely, just after the activation, we will send you a URL link you must put on your PORTAL, as in the photo below.

6 – Finally, select and click ‘OK’ to save the changes.
7 – Click ‘EXIT’ on the remote control after saving the settings.
8 – Therefore, you must restart the box. Choose the ‘OK’ option to apply the changes.
9 – Enjoy watching over 4000 channels with HD quality from around the world.



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