VLC Media Player is a free tool, it is certainly the most popular and best of all as free software. So, if you are looking for a free media player to see what the IPTV M3U links have to offer, go to the VLC website and download the application for your computer (PC or Mac). VLC also offers tablet apps.-

The installation is really easy and the file size is not more than 33 MB.

Once you have completed the installation, setting up an IPTV M3U list or an automatic M3U update IPTV liste like the one offered by FORIPTV to watch American, England, Italian, Turkish, German, French Spanish, Greek channels , … is really easy.

How to watch IPTV on VLC:

Now, we want to add the IPTV links that FOR IPTV provides when you request your IPTV free trial or when you order your IPTV subscription.
In the left menu, click Media, and then click Open Network Stream


Enter the IPTV links we send you in the field below, Please enter the URL of the network. Then click on Play.

By default, the page will start broadcasting the first channel in the list.

You will now be taken to a list of all available channels via the FOR PTV subscription. You can see from the list below that we have a wide range of international language channels (more than 3,000 of them), Select the channel you want to view and click on it to read it.


That’s all you need to do. Your IPTV Channels list is defined and you benefit from a wide variety of universal channels: American, IPTV France, Swiss, Belgian, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, German, Spanish, Romanesque, Scandinavian and mooore …

To make sure your IPTV Playlist updates are not backed up, do not save them as a file. If you save the file as a playlist, no matter how many times you reload NOTHING will change, so you’ll be watching channels that just do not work.
Whenever you want to watch with VLC, you will need to open a new empty VLC (no saved list), then load the subscription line.


Optimizing your VLC installation for IPTV:

Here are some tips on how to optimize your VLC configuration for IPTV streaming
– Open the VLC player and select Tools then click on Preference
– At the bottom of the screen, click ALL (as per picture below) to open all the options to edit.
– Using the left panel that opens, find the flow “Stream output” and increase the setting
memory .
– Stream output muxer cache (ms) at 5000 default 1500ms that means we want to keep
cache 5 seconds in advance. You can play with it until it meets your needs.




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